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Volume control

  • If music is distorted, people often turn up the volume control with no noticeable improvement of quality
  • Well-maintained sound equipment can play music at a lower volume with no loss of quality

Ways to reduce noise volume include:

  • Noise limiters: these prevent the volume of music from exceeding a predetermined level. One type controls the volume in tiny steps and is almost undetectable. Another type switches off the power to the music system if a specific volume is exceeded, but requires strict management control to avoid an abrupt cut-off. Noise limiters should be tamper-proof or located in secure areas.
  • Equipment quality: Use equipment that does not distort the sound - this allows you to set volume levels lower but still achieve the desired effect
  • Maintenance: Check the sound equipment regularly to make sure it is not distorting the sound and it is configured correctly.
  • Designated staff: make it clear who can operate the controls.

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