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Pubs and Clubs. Step 2

What do you need to do?

  • Carry out a noise risk assessment (Where live amplified music is performed or loud amplfied recorded music played, you may assume that you need to take action)
  • There are steps you can take to reduce and control people’s exposure to noise
  • People can still enjoy the music with these controls in place

Steps you can take to reduce people’s exposure to noise include:

Acoustic controls: help to absorb reverberant noise

Physical separation: keep employees away from noisy areas

Direction controls: to point the sound where you want it – the dance floor or performance area, and away from bars and other areas

Volume control: keep all equipment in good working condition and make it clear who can use the volume controls

Managing exposure: to reduce the length of time to which individuals are exposed

Information, instruction and training: to make sure everyone understands what you are doing about noise, and why it is important

Hearing protection: but only after you have looked at all other ways of controlling noise or while you are implementing a more permanent solution

Hearing health checks: make sure people at risk are regularly monitored

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