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Licence Holders: List of all current asbestos licence holders

This is a list of all Asbestos Licence Holders which includes the type of licence they hold.   You can easily find licence holders with a particular type of licence by using the search links below.   You can also search, for example, for companies in your area, by using the search facility at the bottom of this page - just enter the first part of the postcode in the Address field.

  • Standard ie Licence holders who hold a full asbestos licence.
  • Scaffolding ie Licence holders restricted to undertaking scaffolding and associated work only.
  • Supervisory ie Licence holders restricted to supervisory work.
  • Maintenance ie Licence holders licensed to maintain air extraction equipment.
  • Labour Supply ie Licence holders restricted to hiring out employees.

Row 187

Company NameDurham County Council 
AddressDirect Services, St John's Road, DURHAM, DUR, DH7 8XQ 
Tel. No.0191 372 5044 
Licence. No.4841001100 
Expiry Date16/08/2013 
Type of LicenceStandard Licence 

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