Concert Halls and Theatres

What do you need to do?

Concert, show and tour planning

  • Those who most readily control noise levels, e.g. conductors, musical directors and sound engineers, have a vital role in providing a balanced programme and safe workplace

Steps you can take to reduce noise exposure include:

Early planning: Get competent staff to consider likely noise levels at the earliest opportunity, i.e. when planning a season, concert, tour or new production.

Repertoire: Programme a quieter repertoire - or concerts with balanced loud and quiet pieces.

Venues and tours: Match venues with the programme or show, or vice versa.

Rehearsals: Schedule these with balanced loud and quiet pieces, where possible at a quieter overall level. Allow time-outs and consider use of hearing protection and acoustic controls.

On stage bands: Consider avoiding these unless they are essential to the artistic requirements of the production.

Choruses: Consider the effect of chorus noise levels on other performers and workers.

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