Amplified Live Music

What do you need to do?

Risk assessment

  • Risk assessment is more than just taking measurements of noise
  • There are steps you can take to control noise levels and noise exposure

Virtually any live events using amplified instruments and sound-reinforcement equipment will exceed the upper exposure action value.

A ‘pre-event noise risk assessment’ may help plan the event. This might include:

  • selecting a suitable location for the event
  • selecting a balanced line-up
  • selecting an appropriate design for staging
  • selecting suitable materials to reduce vibration and sound levels on stage
  • design and use of PA systems and amplification
  • starter level of sound in a performance
  • sound checks and rehearsals

Carrying out a risk assessment for specific locations, instruments, repertoire and venue layout will allow the employer/organiser to prioritise actions and target the areas and employees at highest risk.

Where temporary concert stages are built as at outdoor festivals or in marquees you may have very little time to do a detailed noise risk assessment. In this case you should specify the entire stage area, the pit area, the front of house control position and any locations adjacent to delay and in fill speakers as hearing protection zones

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