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Amplified Live Music. Step 2

What do you need to do?

  • Carry out a noise risk assessment but with amplified live music you may assume that you need to take action

Steps you can take to reduce people’s exposure to noise include:

Planning an event: what to consider before the event

Risk assessment: simple steps to analyse and manage risk

Managing exposure: reduce levels and time of exposure

On-stage controls: control noise here and give yourself a head­start

On-stage monitoring: reduce stage noise ­ keep monitor levels down

Layout and positioning: careful positioning can reduce exposure

Acoustic screens: further advice on reducing noise levels

Off-stage controls: reduce unnecessary exposure

Hearing protection zones: some compulsory use of hearing protection may be necessary

Sound checks: keep them brief and reduce exposure

Information, instruction and training: make sure everyone understands the risks and control measures

Hearing protection equipment: a last resort, but often necessary

Hearing health checks: make sure people at risk are regularly monitored

Case Studies

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