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Amplified Live Music. Step 1

What do you need to know?

  • Many people working in the live event industry suffer with permanent noise-induced hearing damage
  • There are simple practical steps you can take to protect your own hearing and that of your employees and colleagues
  • These steps can help prevent a premature end to a career in the live music industry

What’s ‘amplified live music’?

These pages of Sound Advice cover events where an audience listens to live music that uses amplification and sound reinforcement equipment. As well as rock and pop music, this could include music that you might normally think of as classical or orchestral.

Venues may be indoor and permanent, such as arenas and theatres; or outdoor and temporary, such as festivals and marquees.

There is additional guidance for organisers of events at pubs and clubs, and for orchestral music in concert halls and theatres

Keeping noise levels down at venues is not just about keeping the peace with the neighbours. Employers, event-organisers and self-employed people have Responsibilities to assess and control the risk of hearing damage.

You may also need to think about:

What do you need to do?

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